• Use a blue bin between 2 and 6 cubic yards, or a 96-gallon cart. (Carts require approval from Redwood Waste Services.)
  • All recyclables must be put in the same blue bin or cart.
  • Recyclables include newspaper, packaging paper, stationary, catalogs, magazines, cardboard, metal containers, food or beverage glass, plastic containers (no plastic wrap).


  • Use a bin between 2 and 6 cubic yards.
  • Bins are serviced weekly or multiple times each week.


Commercial and multifamily customers are billed directly by Ukiah Waste Solutions each month. Bills are due and payable within upon reciept. Commercial customers may pay by check, cash or credit card. Online bill-pay available here.

Waste Assessments

We can visit your business to assess your waste stream and determine whether more material can be recycled. We can help you design employee training to maximize recycling. More recycling may result in a reduction in your garbage bill. Call us to schedule an on-site visit.

How to Start Service

Commercial customers should call 1-888-718-4888 or (707) 234-6400 to initiate service, or visit us at 3515 Taylor Drive in Ukiah.