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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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Don’t Flush Down the Toilet

Vitamins will dissolve if flushed down the toilet and can then hurt marine life by contaminating their habitat.


Dispose of With Other Drugs

Children and house pets are at risk if vitamins are left out and fall within reach, so dispose of them with other medications. Find out how to properly dispose of drugs.

Disposing of Drugs at Home

If you end up disposing of drugs at home, follow this four-step in-home disposal method.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Return to Pharmacy

Pharmacies will often accept expired medications and vitamins because they are equipped to properly store them, which prevents potential misuse.


Supplement the Earth Recycling Program

You can send in any brand of vitamin or supplement packaging to the Supplement the Earth Recycling Program, which is a free recycling program through TerraCycle and Twinlab®. Find out how to mail in this packaging.