Never Put Plastic Bags in Your Recycling — Here’s What You Can Do With Them Instead

plastic bag

Don’t put plastic bags in your recycling bin. If you do, they won’t get recycled. What’s worse, they’ll get tangled up in the machinery at our recycling facilities, which damages the machinery and endangers the workers who have to untangle them in order to get the machines working again.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recycle plastic bags. They just take a tiny bit more effort — some big box stores will collect them, and from here they often get recycled into plastic lumber. In fact, because plastic bags are a top pollutant and dangerous to marine life, they are one of the most important materials to recycle.

It’s better to recycle plastic bags than throw to them in the trash, because it’s easy for them to blow away at the landfill and become litter in the local environment and waterways. However, it’s better to put plastic bags in the trash than accidentally toss them in with your curbside recycling.

If you want to recycle your plastic bags, you can find plastic bag recycling containers at the following places in Ukiah:

437 N Orchard Ave | (707) 462-2694
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1315 N State St | (707) 468-5178
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Plastic bags should be clean, dry and completely empty before being recycled. If a bag tears or crinkles, it’s not recyclable.

Remember that plastic bags include: